What Is The Big Deal? I’m on My Period

Like reaaallllyyy? It’s the 21st century…

We’ve come to the era where having sex on television is quite frankly the norm..(anybody checking out Love Island on ITV2) but we can’t talk about PERIODS, MENSTRUATION, TIME OF THE MONTH. Hmm…the worlds a bit backwards if you ask me.

Lets say roughly half the worlds population go through this every month, so on average 3.7 billion people….and yet we still find it difficult to talk about it. Ridiculous!

Ladies, we should all be able to embrace the fact we are on our period…it’s the beginning of womanhood. Just like the boys when their balls drop (however not for all 😉) we have our periods. 

There are so many people out there, especially young girls, who aren’t fortunate to be educated about periods like others. Instead of the world shying away from the topic we need to open up! Like seriously…when you think about it…it’s not that deep. It’s just a little blood that leaves your body every month.

Most girls start their period at an early age, I was 10, but for some it may come later in their teens.  Period is part of a girls menstural cycle. It’s when the body prepares itself for pregnancy, however when not pregnant the vagina sheds blood. All the body is doing is getting rid of the excess blood you would’ve needed if you were pregnant really.

The worst part about being on your period is the ridiculous cramps. Sometimes these cramps are so painful you just want to crawl up in bed with a hot chocolate😭. Not everybody gets cramps though, some have a very peacful period of no cramps, cravings or mood swings. Ahh…soo soo lucky 💔. 

Being on your period isn’t a big deal. You just need to ensure your wearing the right tampons and pads that are suitable for your blood flow. Some people have really heavy period flows and some don’t but it all depends on you as an individual.
After 3 – 7 days of bleeding you’re done to be honest…until the next month of course where it all starts again…

I particulary find it annoying when the opposite sex feel the need to voice their opinions like please…do us all a favour and shutup! Am I right ladies or am I right. Psst! I also heared from a little bird that the adults sometimes get a raw deal especially in the work place..but thats another debate.

Yes, us girls have to basically wear nappies throughout the week to protect ourselves from drowing in our own…you get it, but I don’t get why that’s so funny.

Boys loovveee to make things awkward for girls when they’re on their reds. It’s always, 

“Oh don’t sit on me”


“Rahh you smell”

“Are you in pain?”

Or some other stupid question or comment.

Some of you even need to ask yourself would I rather have my girl on her period or pregnant…hmmm…yeaa…didn’t think of that did ya.

During the time of our periods we all just want to eat lots of food, be comforted with no judgement.  So take that into consideration next time you want to make a sly comment…thanking you in advance.

And for all the ladies out there…embrace your period…You’re Every Woman!!

Peace Out A Town Lala xo


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