10 Things Girls Do That Boys Don’t Like

So I guess my blog post ‘10 Things Boys Do That Girls Don’t Like’ hit a nerve for some boys as they all argued “That’s not true!”…pftt so in denial.
So I’ve been asked to do a blog post from a boys perspective.

I guess it’s your turn now boys,

1. Girls Who Wear Adidas Fluxs

Boys boys boys, stop complaining how girls look in these trainers just because you are unable to purchase ours – we understand there are more unisex trainers available to us than there are boys trainers.  I’ve heard boys call us butch or flat footed for wearing Adidas Flux – /We can’t help looking cute in them so quit your whining.

2. Girls Who Have Shiny Cheeks

FYI boys it’s called highlighter and that highlighter is the finishing touch to the masterpiece. Just like boys love to get those two little slits in the brows after a fresh trim, we love to have that glow. Highlight is used on the cheekbones to make them stand out…duh. We know you love it, we’re like diamonds.  Beautiful and glistening.

3. Girls Who Talk Slang

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Just let us be apart of the mandem (group of boys) sometimes. Boys loovvee to complain when girls wear tracksuits, have loads of boy friends and wear Tn’s (Nike trainers) because that’s not ‘presentable’ . Well excuse me Mr. I need my girl to be perfect, but do you really think us girls want to show-off a roadman to our parents and friends, who’s 9 to 5 job is selling weed in the corner of an estate on a Santander bike with a hoodie on and his man purse. You’ll also find that most girls put it on just to be around you and switch off when we’re not but for most of you boys that’s your everyday language.

4. When Compliments Are Taken Too Far

Oh please…with a compliment comes a hug, or a cheeky smile, or even a nudge on the shoulder which you’ll only do if you’re trying to make that girl wifey…am I right or am I right ladies? We call this Tapping Current in Nigeria. Knowing how sensitive girls are the one thing you shouldn’t do is play with our emotions. If you’re going to give us a compliment just say it and go…there’s no need for the extra gestures because that only gives us mixed feelings.

5. The Cockblock Friend

This one everyone must agree on. We all know that one person who loves to stand there and make things super awkward when you’re trying to talk to an attractive specimen.

But with boys it’s different…

Girls always have that ONE person they go out and about with. If a boy tried to talk to them it’s not so bad because they have that ONE friend. However with boys they love to carry a football team with them everywhere they go. Last time I checked I hadn’t heard of Ronaldo taking the whole Real Madrid Team with him just to talk to ONE girl. It’s a bit pathetic and intimidating if you ask me. It’s even worse when your boys are behind you trying to slyly take pictures, or are making stupid noises and faces whilst you talk to us. All this just makes you look weak and incompetent. If you want her, drop the hench men.

6. Jealous Girlfriends

Most boys have platonic female best friends.  That’s fair enough as we tend to have platonic male best friends. But the difference is we know where to draw the line. Boys have no clue when they’re female best friend is trying to be something more. The long hugs, late night calls, cheeky smiles and laughs, the constantly needing you…THEY’RE THE HINTS LOVE!. We get annoyed and jealous because you accept what they’re doing and think we’re just being stupid…you’re just blind.

7. Girls With Long Nails

I can’t deny it I have to say I agree with the boys for this one. Long stiletto nails especially are just not acceptable. They may look cute but you don’t want to gauge out your boyfriends eyes now do you. Hate to say this, but you’ve won there boys.

8. Girls Who Wear Makeup But Look Different Without

Well the Kim Kardashians, BeyoncΓ©s, Rihannas and Nicki Minajs of the world, that all the boys love, definitely don’t look the same on screen as they do in real life. Boys cry out they want a natural girl but when they get that she’s ‘boring’.  I can’t lie, if a girls face is lighter than her body then she needs to check herself before she wrecks herself but we cake our face so much because of all the negative energy boys throw towards us. It sounds like you guys want plastic babes by the type of girls you are attracted to and if that’s the case they are available in Toys R Us, Hamleys, Smyths and even your little sisters bedroom.

9. Drawn On Eyebrows

Gurrrrlllsss…not going to lie some girls eyebrows are preparing for take off. Redbull didn’t give wings!! Girls on Instagram are not makeup artist, if you want to fill in your eyebrows and make them look natural, learn from the best ie. Pat McGrath. Also use the right colour! If you have black eyebrows use a dark brown pencil not black…you just look ridiculous.

10. Makeup On Shirts

The boys spend time getting ready…hair did….clothes did…shoes did….and for some boys man bag did.  When we see them we naturally want to embrace them and after we are done we leave an unwanted reminder on their clothes.  Girls we need to be more aware of where we put our heads…lol’s (boys get your head out of the gutter) if anything do a side hug as some of the make up we wear leave a bad stain.  I’ll also like to add that for some boys it exposes them and they don’t want to start explaining things to their girlfriends.

There are the top 10 things us girls do that annoy boys!πŸ˜‚

Peace Out A Town Lala xo




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