10 Things Boys Do That Girls Don’t Like 

Guuurrllsss…there are many things the boys do that we just can’t stand…do I hear an AMEN!!!

Below is my top 10 pet peeves that we need to ctrl alt delete.

1.Oi…Can I Get Your Number?

No. Just…no.  Don’t you just hate it when you’re casually walking and you hear oi oi or someone whistling just to get your attention.  Then they’ll question why you didn’t turn around…errr maybe it’s because I’m a lady and not a dog.

2. Wearing Bomber Jackets When It’s Hot

In the name of North Face, boys must you wear a bomber jacket wherever you go regardless of the daamm weather? Forever trying to emulate that bad boy demeanor. In the summer we all know that underneath that puffy layer you’re baking like my grandmothers apple crumble pie and in the winter, underneath that puffy jacket you’re just trying to mask that kit kit skinny body.  Dude take a break.

3. Telling Girls They’re Mad Because It’s Their Time Of The Month

We should never be questioned about our emotions…period.  Assuming we’re moody because of our period is just saying our emotions are fake.  How dare they even ask such a personal question! We don’t go round asking whether their balls have dropped when they sound like Michael Jackson.

4. Posing With Alcohol Bottles 

Boys will pose in pictures holding a Hennessey or Circo bottle like they’re being sponsered by them. Most of the time these boys don’t even drink so the picture is pointless! Then they complain us girls are always stunting for the gram kmt.

5. Lifting Up Their Foot In Pictures To Show The Red Bottom

Boys will go as far as breaking their back just to show you they have Louboutins, Giuseppes, Balenciagas, Valentinos but when they take you on a date you end up at Nandos.  

6. Snapchatting Their New haircut

The barber has really just given them a sharp fresh haircut. C’mon girls we can’t deny it, they look good.  That quick fade on the sides is just looking tantalising with the clean shape up. But we don’t need 10000 snaps to see this…one is enough.  At least when we show of our new hair we give props to the stylist, they don’t even give props to the barber.  They just feeling themselves a litttlleee tooo much.

7. Acting Different In Front Of Their Boys

Arrrrrrgghhh! This gets me sooo maadd. Behind closed doors they are everything you could’ve wished for.  The butter to your bread, cream to your coffee, icing to your cake, chicken to your jollof…BUT that changes when you meet their boys…you just become some chick…ermm no thank you.

8. Calling Girls Ugly Because They Got Rejected

Okay I admit, rejection isn’t the greatest thing ever but doesn’t mean us girls should be dissed because of it.  They just need to take it like a MAN!

9. Burberry Shirts And Football Tops To Parties 

Why? Just…why?  Wearing their football top everywhere isn’t going to help their team win.  This Burberry shirt will be the same shirt they wore to your birthday party, their mums birthday party,their bestfriends wedding, their brothers gathering, oh yeah and probably their own funeral after you kill them for wearing it so much.  

10. Spitting

O M G. Spitting.  This is the most disgusting unhygenic unattractive thing ever.  

Well there were my top 10 pet peeves, comment whether you agree or disgaree with meee.  Would love to know if you have any pet peeves that aren’t in my top 10 😁😂

Peace Out A Town Lala xo


4 thoughts on “10 Things Boys Do That Girls Don’t Like 

  1. Nia says:

    Like its hot and you wearing some fat jacket making you stink of B.O then having the audacity to come on the bus like mate have some respect for our noses.

    Another one is when they slate girls for wearing makeup. Like they say “I like natural girls” but then they go for girls with fake lips, boobs, bums and caked in makeup like BRUH.

    Liked by 2 people

    • laurynajufo says:

      OMG YEEESSSSS!! Any boy who says they want a girl who doesn’t wear makeup is jusy lying..

      The bomber jacket thing is a joke! It’s not by force they must wear it… then they want to come and chat to you just not smelling fresh naaaaa

      Liked by 1 person

  2. missnicolemary says:

    It’s the rejection one that irritates me! How are you going to show intense interest and then two seconds later I’m a female dog.. I’m “ugly anyways”.. or I think I’m “too nice” etc 😅 These things are definitely what differentiate the boys from the men.. your pet pevs are the things to stay away from if you don’t want to end up being a second mummy to your boyfriend 🤣
    Thoroughly enjoyed this! Can’t wait for the next post x

    Liked by 2 people

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