How To Have The Best Prom Dress

Hii guys, hope everyone’s goood.  Prom season is coming up so I thougt I’d share my prom dress from when I left secondary school for design inspiration.
Even though exams were still going on I know prom was the one thing on everyone’s mind.  What to wear, hair, nails, makeup, jewellery, car just everything had to be important for this one night…(3 hours).


I know most girls are out there looking on instagram or pintrest to find a dress that another girl won’t be wearing and boys for a suit that’s not to plain and that doesn’t look like everyone else’s.  Well…want to know my advice to avoid this? Then keep on reading.

Prom was a strreessffuull season I’m sure I had a few panicy moments where I thought I wouldn’t fnd a dress or nothing would go as planned on the day.  I literally had my step-mum, dad, aunt and sister looking for all the essentials for this one night.


My main source was instagram for prom inspiration.  I sat on loads of prom pages to find the perfet ensemble…lol.  This actually helped because I found my dress.  I showed my step-mum and she loved it just as much as me.  She was more excited about prom than I was to be honest.  She had organised a whole team  I had someone different for everything right down to my eyebrows.  I was literally a princess for that one day.


IMG-20160711-WA0005[1].jpegI had my prom dress made by the best tailor in London.  When she had finished making it I almost cried, I know my stepmum did and deep inside my dad did…even though he doesn’t want to admit it.

Prom was the best night ever…I had sooo much fun!

HAIR: @jaykonkonteno_jessica_love

NAILS: @tenofthebest

DRESS: @florencealterations

MAKEUP: @frankiedaniella

Peace Out A Town Lala xo


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