IMAT 2017

Hiii everyone hope you had a lovely weekend.  It was so nice and sunny this weekend and I stayed at home, so sad.


My Friday morning was an absolute disaster though! Till this day I still don’t know how I managed to wake up two hours late from when my alarm went off.  I was meant to get up at 5am and ended up getting up at 6:59…11 minutes before I was supposed to leave my house.  So not only did I go to college looking a hot mess, my hair wasn’t cooperating with me and it just made my mood 10 times worse.

The day before, it rained heavily and stupidly I put all my trust in the UK weather for it not to rain, so I didn’t take a coat or a hoodie or anything to keep me dry during the day…and I was wearing a short sleeve top.

All I could feel was my hair getting wet and all that was going through my head was when I take it out it is going to be frizzzzzzzy.  Which it was.

On the Friday morning when I was attempting to be on time for college the comb wouldn’t even go through my hair and because it was so frizzy, it couldn’t even go up in a bun.

At one point I thought you know what, I’m staying at home then I just quickly used an old pair of tights as an alice band, rushed out the house and off I went.

The only thing that made my day better was the fact I was going to IMAT but…later on during the day I got a text from my aunt saying we’re not going because she was doing a shoot till late.  My heart shattered into tiny peices so overall Friday was the worst day ever!

12:20 was the time we finished and I was set to go home and eat a tub of ice cream, thinking about all the goods I could’ve bought for dead cheap.  Until I got a phone call saying we can still.  I went from 0-100 real quick and became the happiest girl alive!


Stargazer Glitter

IMAT is the International Makeup Artist Trade Show and it happens every year.  You have loads of makeup brands as well as makeup artists come and do talks, it’s such a fun experience.

When we went in I found it quite overwhelming at first because there was just makeup everywhere and I didn’t know where to start.  You had beauty makeup, to fashion makeup, to prosthetics there was just so much.

Most of my favourtie brands were there, NYX, Urban Decay, Bobbie Brown, MAC, Kat Von D and soo many more.

Below are some of the items I bought.

I had so much fun I can’t put it into words, definitely will be there next year!

Ooo yeah, don’t forget to check out my lastest UK Afrobeat cover 💖 

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Peace Out A Town Lala xo



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