How To Get Nadia Rose’s Hairstyle

Hiiiii everyonee hope you’re having a lovely daayy I recently checked the weather forecast and summer is finally here!!!! From today pure sunshine, other than this one day next week where there’s a little bit of drizzle.  I always get excited about the weather as if I’ve planned to do something lol.

I’ve got another hairstyle to share!  When doing my hair I never know what my hairstyle is going to be, I just sit there and let my stepmum work her magic. This hairstyle took forever…but the end result was worth the wait.

When I was finished I was thinking hmm…I’m sure I look like Nadia Rose.  I asked my stepmum if Nadia Rose was inspiration for this and she said “Who’s that?” I laughed and took that as a no.  

This is by far one of my favourite hairstyles, I just think it’s so cool.  I think it’s mainly because I’ve never had extenions before (they’re attached to the end of my hair to make the bantu knots). It was so long when it was being plaited I felt like Rapunzel.  

Peace Out A Town Lala xo


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