How To Get The Janelle Monae Quiff

Hii everyone, hope you’re having a lovely evening I just wanted to share with you my latest hairstyle which was inspired by Janelle Monae.


Ever since the end of year 11 this has been my go to hairstyle I’m either known as Lauryn with the afro or Lauryn with the quiff lol.  When I left secondary school I decided to have my hair out more instead of plaits but unfortunately that didn’t go well for me.

In March I had a quick yet beautiful family holiday to Mexico and it was just amazing.  We stayed in an all inclusive resort that had 5 other resorts as well.  Everything was going well until we came home and I noticed a difference in my hair.  It was no longer that big fluffy afro I knew it to be.  My dad did tell me my hair was breaking but I chose not to believe it.  When I realised how much my hair had decreased in size I was heartbroken.  It only hit home when I plaited my hair and noticed it didn’t touch my back anymore.



Plaiting my hair every two weeks is the one thing that helps my hair grow quickly.  I remember the first time I saw Janelle Monae’s hair I was like “Ooo yeah, I want that”. It’s such a nice, simple yet quirky hairstyle.  Some of the hairstyles I do I’m sitting there for over 2 hours, so it’s nice to do a hairstyle that is still really nice at the same time doesn’t take too long to do.


Peace Out A Town Lala xo


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