How To Dress When You’re Not Bothered

Heyy guys hope everyone’s having a nice Friday.

I’ve been soo tired lately who knew the transition from teenager to young adult will be so energy draining. The UK weather is also just heartbreaking.  We’re in the last days of April where we should have spring and sunny spells instead, it’s cold as if christmas is next week! I just can’t cope.

Anyway enough with the moaning.  I’m sure we all have those days where we want to look cute but in the same time just can not be bothered.  Well this outfit I’m about to show you was one of those days.

It was just a quick trip to Cutty Sark in Greenwich with the famo for lunch when I threw on this outfit.  It was quite an interesting afternoon.  I had just got my new phone so I was being supppeerr careful with it as apparently I’m the one who always breaks things and never looks after their own things.  Sooo with this new phone I wanted to prove everyone wrong.

I asked my dad (the one person who says I don’t know who to look after anything) to take a picture of me.  My brand new gold Samsung S6 went back first onto the hard cold concrete floor, it was the longest 2.5 seconds ever.  I don’t know why but my initial reaction was to scream…so I did…then the whole of Greenwich turned around which was petty embarrassing as it was only my phone that dropped.  I cuddled my phone as if it was my new born baby whilst my dad said in the backgroumd “Get a grip Lauryn it’s just your phone”…BUT then again this is the same person who will complain if he sees one scratch..hmmm…

TOP: Asos



Peace Out A Town Lala xo


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