How To Rock An African Print Skirt

So my little sister turned 1!

We had a little Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed birthday party which I was actually jealous of it looked absolutely amazing.  She had a Minnie Mouse cake with cupcakes and cookies surrounding it on a table dedicated just to her and another cake in the shape of a ‘1’ on another table.  Definitely throwing a themed party for my birthday next year.


There were cute mini sandwiches, meat pie, crisps and lots of other foods I stuffed my face with that afternoon.



So I only got the memo that we were matching the birthday princess (a blue20170427_194535[1]and orange African print jumpsuit), on the actual day of her party.  Having nothing orange or blue I thought let me ask my fashionista of a dad to help me but only ended up getting yelled at that time is running out and the common saying of ‘L…you have so much clothes find something’.  I eventually found something…just that it wasn’t blue or orange but it worked.

IMG_3141I’m surprised this skirt fitted me to be honest, because I got it made when I was around the age of 14.  This skirt can work with anything! An off the shoulder black or burgnady top or a simple vest top can complete this look.  Don’t want to wear sandals? How about some cute block heels or platform trainers.

My little princesses 1st birthday party was so much fun.  Good music, food and people.

Peace Out A Town Lala xo



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