How To Dress For The Summer/Spring Season

Hiii guyyss, hope you’re all doing well I know it’s been a while since I last posted I’m so sorry college life is just seriosuly taking all my time, but I’m here to share with you my lastest summer not so summer outfit.


So I heard it was 22 degrees and got super excited some of my friends didn’t understand why, but when it’s 22 degrees in the UK…that’s a blessing if you ask me.  It was still a bit chilly so I didn’t go full out on the summer outfit as much as I wanted to. Turtle neck with cute dungarees? Why not.

These dungarees are my favourite they fit perfectly, I actually bought them roughly 2 years ago (I know…I haven’t grown) in Camden Market.  When I bought these it was my first time going to Camden, I’d heard people talk about it before so I thought why not take a trip.  When I got there I didn’t know what to do with myself there were just so many things I wanted to buy.


My friend and I have a huge love for piercings and tattoos and every other shop was a piercing and tattoo shop or there was somebody with piercings and tattooS.  Not only was the street food nice but the stalls were nice to, each stall was selling something completely different to the one beside them, so it was nice to have a variety.  The day was lovely other than the fact I spent £100…I know…£100. Camden is somewhere I’ll definitely be shopping again.

I’ve recently started a Depop account (laurynajufo) because I noticed I have a lottt of things…check it out and see if there’s anything you’re interested in.

DUNGAREES: Camden Market



Peace Out A Town, Lala xo


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