How To Get The Best Grunge Look


Heyyyy, so recently I went shopping with some friends and I am proud to say I am officially a Bershka fan.  OMG those automatic doors I walked into were like the gates to heaven, I could here ‘ahhhhh’ as I strolled in not knowing where to look.  I had the biggest grin on my face as if someone had given me a lifetime supply of free pizza.  The best part about this shoppng spree was that three quaters of everything was on  sale!…and they do a goooooood sale.  I’ve heard people talk about Bershka before but I’ve never actually purchased anything from their store.  Usually when I see a sale I’m like ‘Arghh too much work’ but thank the Lord I came to my senses and looked through it because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t of found my baby, my best friend, the new edition to the family…my cropped, all black, rock denim jacket.  From £30 to £16…boyy…if that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is.




Putting this outfit together was interesting actually because I had no clue what I was putting together or whether I liked it or not, but I had no choice as I would’ve been late for college.  I think I’ll call it ‘The Rough Neat Look’, I finished this look with some classic, Air Force 1’s and that was me done for the day.

JACKET: Bershka



TRAINERS: Air Force 1 Hi Top

Peace Out, A Town Lala xo


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