How To Get The Perfect All Black Outfit


Hi guys…so…yesterday…I went to the Brit Awards!! Boy did I have fun, so much fun I have no voice and sore feet but it was all worth it.

Myself and many other Brit School students were told we were invited to the Brit awards and as soon as I was told I started ‘Operation Outfit Lookout’.  My parents were absolutley no help neither did my dad want to spend a penny on new clothes, so there went the idea of a little shopping out the window.

IMG_2740.JPGOkay, I may have ‘enough’ clothes but nothing in the draws and wardobe that stand strong in my room shout Brit Awards… d’ya get what I mean?  I eventually came up with something to wear but it still required me to buy something…only one thing…okay maybe two, but it was a must.  So culotte jeans, with an off the shoulder top and ankle strapped heels sounds nice right? All I needed to buy was the top and shoes, no problem.  My dad eventually gave in and bought me my top.  Asos had a gorgeous satin maroon off the shoulder top with flared arms that had me thinking ‘Yes, this is the one’, only to realise it wasn’t on the day of the event.  The cut didn’t suit me nor did it suit the wash of my jeans so there I was waterworks about to flow.  I had 4 hours to look for a top and make a doctors appointment.  So off I go to the shops in any old jumper, a head wrap, joggers, and some really old converses only to see the boy I have the biggest crush on and to make everything worse it started to rain.

I don’t know where the time flew to but when I looked at my phone it was 12…and I still had no top.  After trying different tops and going to differnt shops…I still found nothing.  I had no choice but to make do with what I had at home.  I guess all you need to look good on a night is a simple top with wow bottoms and some cute shoes.  IMG_2743.JPG

The evening came and I had a lot of fun.  Stormzy and Ed Sheeran by far had to be my favourite performance.  Brit Awards 2017 will definitely be a night to remember.

TOP: New Look


SHOES: New Look

Peace Out A Town, Lala xo



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