New Single: Lauryn Ajufo-Brand New (Lyric Video)

Hiii guyss, when I was a little girl I would sing my heart out. I would sing in front of the mirror,the bathroom, my bedroom, the kitchen…driving everybody insane, simply because I thought I was the next Jlo or RiRi. Not knowing I probably sounded like a strangled mouse. I honestly thought I would be the next Beyoncè whipping my lil afro back and fourth, singing along to When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls.

Sooooo my parents sat me down and said “Okay hey, we know you love this singing performing thing…so we are happy to put you through whatever it takes.  Singing lessons, dance lessons and drama classes but we’ll only take it really seriously if you give us the GCSE grades”.  There I was thinking great love it but dammmmnnn I’ve now gotta wait five years.

Anywayyss – results day. I meet up with my besties and make my way to the school notice board – heart in hand and confidence jacket on the floor. I open my envelope and BAM!! 3 A’s 3 B’s and 4 C’s 🙄👅
For six months i bugged my Dad about what I was promised with my music and now I can finally present it to you all. For now it’s just a lyric video but an official video coming soon.–GbOw

Happy Listening.

Peace Out A Town, Lala xo


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