How To Look Good For A Night Out In 3 Steps


Hiii guys I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m back to share my most recent outfit.

I popped out to dinner then a mini concert the other night with a date…my father…and I was struggling with what to wear.  I didn’t want to look too dressy but still wanted to look good and maybe turn a few heads as I was in that cheeky kinda of mood.  I had it all planned down to the nail polish until it was time to leave and my dad asked “Are you ready?” but the outfit was just not the one. Well, as I went through my wardorbe and chest of draws frantically looking for that great outfit… my wardrobe fell apart.  I don’t know why but everytime I seem to be going out my room always turns out looking like the aftermath of the Tsunami, but, it was a blessing in disguise because there it was…my gorgeous dungarees.

Light blue, slim fit and flared with a little criss cross at the back…what could be better?

I currently have a love with anything that’s either turtle neck or high neck so obviously I just had to wear my pink turtle neck with this ensemble…just to add a splash of colour.

I’m really small so the dungarees without a bit of height would’ve looked ridiculous on me. My suede black boots were perfect, they added sophistication and of course the most important thing…height.

I went out and had a good time only to remember on the way home “Damm I have that room to deal with”.  Till this day  my clothes are still on my coffee table where I left them 2 weeks ago.





TOP: New Look

SHOES: New Look

There are many ways you can play with this outfit to suit you. Instead of block hells how about some platform trainers with an oversied denim jacket, or, a cropped of the shoulder top.

Hope this help!

Peace Out A Town,Lala xo



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