5 Step Guide For Perfect Bantu Knots


Hi guys!!  This is my first blog EVER so please bare with me lol.  Recently I’ve received a lot of questions on how I maintain my hair and what products I use to keep it moist and soft…well…the answer is Cantu.

I’ve been natural since the day I was born (August 14th 2000 if anybody’s wondering) and boy it’s been a journey. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s easy because it’s not.  It’s hard work to maintain and takes A LOT of time.  Many people say being heat free with your hair is the way forward, but if you have curls like mine you’ll know it’s a struggle to NOT blowdry your hair. Lately, I discovered a heatfree routine to dry my hair and keep it moist

Step 1: Having big hair, I parted my hair into sections of roughly 12 then sprayed each section with cold water.


Step 2: I then used the Cantu complete condintionig co-wash and ran it through each section.


Step 3: Each section was then put in twists and once this was done I used a clear plastic shower cap to cover my hair for roughly an hour.

Step 4: Each section was then thoroughly washed out with cold water and dried with an old t-shirt (using a towel strips out the oil).

Step 5: I moisturised each section using the Cantu leave in conditioner then put each section into bantu knots.



I kept my hair in bantu knots for about 4 days simply because I liked the style but you don’t have to do the same as a day will do.  I then tried different styles like plaiting around my head to create an alice band and a simple mohawk. To define my curls and keep them bouncy, I sometimes used the Cantu dry deny moisture seal gel and covered my hair with a silk headscarf every night, yep ladies every night.  Mid-week I continued to use the Cantu leave in conditioner to lock the moisture in my hair.

I hope this helps all you natural heads out there!

Peace Out A Town, Lala xo


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